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BACK TO: ENJOYING LIFE Patient: Jonathan Dibiasi Procedure: Spinal fusion
Jonathan Dibiasi and his family love spending time at their cabin in Vancouver, Canada. Last summer, when everyone else was outside having fun, Jonathan was sitting it out, popping pain pills.
“I was scared of having surgery, but that was the last straw,” says the local business and family man. “I’m used to always staying busy with work and I hated the thought of having others do things for me while I recovered from surgery, but if I wanted to walk, there was no other way to fix this.”
In October 2018, and again in January 2019, Jonathan had procedures to fuse part of his spine (C3-7), from his neck to his upper back.
“Those surgeries were well done. It turns out they were the best thing I could have done for myself,” he says.
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BACK TO: WALKING IN HEELS Patient: Alyssa Zimmerman
Procedure: Minimally invasive right foot bunionectomy
Starting at age 16, Alyssa Zimmerman began experiencing pain in her feet caused by bunions. “From age 16 to 19 I was playing soccer and
my feet began hurting from bunions, then it just reached the point where it was really affecting my quality of life,” she says.
Just a few short months after her minimally invasive bunion surgery, Alyssa shared gleefully that her recovery has been even better than she expected.
“I don’t have to think twice about what shoes I can wear,” Alyssa claims. “My quality of life is better than before I ever had a bunion because at the end of the day, my feet are not hurting.”
Read more about Alyssa’s groundbreaking minimally invasive procedure and results at

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