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   BACK TO: MOBILITY AND ME Patient: Karen Taillon
Procedure: Bilateral total knee arthroplasty
Seeing the world from the back of a Gold Wing motorcycle is “a 3D way to experience God’s country,” says Karen Taillon. She and her husband, Tom, cruised on a bike all over Europe, toured the West Coast, and took a seven-state summer ride before arthritic joints made sitting with her knees bent for hours at a time and getting on and off the bike too painful to endure.
With her 2018 simultaneous bilateral knee replacement procedure in the rear-view mirror, the riders looked forward to a spring ride to Julian, CA.
“When my surgeon suggested I was a good candidate for simultaneous bilateral knee replacement, I decided I might as well do it all at once and move on,” she says. “I’m glad I made that decision. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. I’ve got my life back. I am back to me and back to doing what I love, including riding with my husband.”
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Photograph compliments of Jon Haverstick and Carlos Rivera
Patient: Brad Barnette
Procedure: Right total knee arthroplasty
When Brad retired nearly 20 years ago at age 52 from a physically demanding 30-year career with the Santa Ana Fire Department, he wanted to learn to box, so he found a local club where he could train. From his first rounds there, boxing and mentoring the club’s at-risk kids became his passion. But about 10 years later, Brad found himself fighting through the pain of an arthritic knee.
His orthopedic doctor recommended surgery a few years ago. “I told him I wasn’t ready, so he suggested some injections. I had some relief, but only for a few weeks each time. He finally told me I had two choices: have my knee replaced, or continue to live with the pain. I realized I didn’t want to do that anymore. Now, I wish I’d had it done earlier,” he says seven weeks post-operatively.
“God gave me a right hook, but I’ve been back up by the count of three,” quips Brad about his health challenges.
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