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   BACK TO: SHOW JUMPING Patient: Justine Makoff
Procedure: Repair of fractured left wrist
It’s been eight months since Justine flew off a horse and landed on her wrist, dislocating it
and shattering the bone. She’s just returned to competing in the hunter jumper division, confident and able to use the proper hand position to maintain balance and communicate with her horse, Hidalgo.
“My accident was so destructive,” says Justine, who along with her horse earned a blue ribbon on their first outing upon returning to competition jumping. “What a gift to have the absolute best in a group of specialists collaborating on putting me back together.”
To read about Justine’s journey back to health, please visit jumping.
BACK TO: WATER AEROBICS Patient: Linda Marsoun
Procedure: Anterior approach left and right hip arthroplasty
Linda Marsoun, 76, uses her joint replacements as a springboard to a healthy and active lifestyle. “My husband and I did our research and knew I would be in very good hands at HOI,” she says.
“It’s wonderful to have the assurance that you can be healed with a minimally invasive hip replacement,” says Linda. “If you’ve been blessed with good health but have a deteriorating joint affecting your quality of life, it may be time to take the plunge!”
Continued online at hoagorthopedicinstitute. com/aerobics.

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