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While outcome statistics provide an essential overview of patients’ care and recoveries, an up-close and personal perspective comes through each patient’s own words. The following testimonials are included in this report to personalize and exemplify the journey HOI patients take from illness and/or injury to wellness.
In this section we focus on patients whose conditions range from knee and hip replacements to shoulder, ankle, wrist and spine repairs. The common thread is getting them back to pursuing their personal passions, vocations and activities of daily living.
Unique stories are waiting to be told by every HOI patient. Thanks to each featured patient for sharing key aspects of their success stories for the enlightenment and encouragement of clinicians and future patients.
For purposes of brevity, only photos and excerpts from their experiences are included
in this report. To read the rest of their “Back
to You” stories and many more, please visit
Procedure: Anterior approach left hip arthroplasty
A love for extreme sports and big-wave surfing caused Rick Isbell to “wear out his health warranty early,” as he describes his condition. Through personal research and recommendations from friends and health care professionals, Rick finally found the right surgeon.
“It was refreshing to find a doctor who was thorough, confident and pro-sport,” says Rick. “He never made me feel like I couldn’t get back to doing what I love, unlike other doctors I’d seen. I have nothing but respect for my HOI surgeon. He did such a good job for me. He changed my life, and enabled me to have a lot of fun.”
Read more about Rick’s epic surgical experience at surfing.

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