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Patient: John Boston
Procedure: Left shoulder replacement surgery
Former British paratrooper John Boston found himself needing a shoulder replacement after
a prior surgery didn’t resolve the shoulder pain and he took a bad fall down some stairs. John believes a good soldier in the military has a lot in common with a good patient, who must trust his surgeon and follow his or her instructions to a “T” in order to remain on course and stay alive.
“My doctor is very compassionate – he listens, he cares. As a person he’s an outstanding guy. As a surgeon his craftsmanship is beautiful. I feel very fortunate to have found him,” says John. “I found a surgeon who knew I was a risk, but he took a chance on me.
“I made sure to follow every single instruction so I could get my shoulder back. And I did.”
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Patient: Pamela Griggs Procedure: Complex spinal surgery
Watching TV, taking long walks, getting up out of a chair, driving – most of us take these daily activities for granted. Not Pamela. Not anymore.
In 2018, Pamela developed a devastating neck condition, unable to raise her chin off her neck. She lost her balance, fell, and had to use a walker. Pamela’s neurologist advised her to see her HOI spine specialist, who scheduled a repair without delay.
“Even though I live in Riverside, I come to Orange County for care because you have to have confidence in your doctor and hospital,” says Pamela. “I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”
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