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Patient: Tucker Pikula
Procedure: Fractured Left Index Finger Repair:
December 2017
“Coach, I think I broke my finger.”
UCI senior athlete Tucker Pikula, 23, was warming up at volleyball practice by playing in a friendly Saturday morning basketball game when a freak accident shattered his plans. His teammate’s pass hit him with so much force that his finger fractured into pieces.
“At first, thinking I might have just dislocated it,
I tried to shake it off. I’ve played basketball all
my life, and volleyball for the last nine years, and never had a problem. I kept playing for another five minutes but my stomach became very queasy and the pain got worse.”
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Patient: Jack Murphy
Procedure: Right Rotator Cuff Arthroscopic Repair: February 2017, Right Rotator Cuff Arthroscopic Repair, February 2015
Twisting through a golf swing, Jack Murphy heard his right shoulder’s rotator cuff rip. Again. This was the third torn rotator cuff the retired engineering executive and programming hobbyist has sustained in the past 31 years.
Jack’s first repair was performed when open surgeries were still the standard of care for rotator cuff injuries. Jack recalls, “I woke up experiencing the greatest pain of my life. It took a full year before I could use my shoulder again. I still have a three- inch scar from the surgery, although my shoulder eventually completely recovered.”
Jack turned to an HOI shoulder specialist for
his second and third repairs – both performed as minimally invasive, arthroscopic procedures. He recalls, “When I woke up after this last procedure I had zero pain. I almost panicked, wondering if they’d taken my arm, until I saw and wiggled
my fingers.”
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