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Patient: Giovanni Smith
Procedures: Left and Right Trigger Finger
Releases: December 2015, February 2016
Like any mom would be, Nicole Smith admits
to being nervous before her 14-year-old son’s surgery. “I know this is a wonderful facility that consistently goes above and beyond, but I was still a basket case as soon as my baby went into surgery,” she recalls.
Nicole has worked as a billing representative
at HOI’s ambulatory surgery center for the past 11 years. Confidence in her coworkers and the medical staff made foot surgery there on her mom, and subsequently two finger surgeries on her son, Giovanni, much easier on Nicole.
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Patient: Lynn Anderson
Procedures: Spinal Surgery: January 2017;
Right Wrist Fusion: January 2018
Lynn Anderson, 81, considers life as a beautiful gift not intended to be lived from a chair. The Huntington Beach family matriarch refuses to let severe arthritic pain steal her joy.
“I’m so grateful for the doctors and nurses at Hoag who gave me my life back,” she says. “Chronic pain is very hard to live with. It’s easy to see how someone could give up on living when you feel miserable all of the time. I didn’t want to be addicted to pain pills. I didn’t want to go through another surgery, but pain was very limiting and changing my personality into someone I didn’t like. Fortunately I’m healthy except for my joints. Everything was fixable, and I’m glad the fixes have all lasted,” she says.
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