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Patient: Susan Devens
Procedure: Spine Surgery: May 2014
“I can’t believe I’m walking, let alone running,” says car crash survivor, seven-time marathon runner and spinal surgery patient Susan Devens, 58. Since her surgery at HOI in 2014, she has run the New York Marathon, and was ranked fifth in the nation in the 55 and older age group’s 400-meter sprint.
Back pain from residual damage, running and inherited spinal stenosis worsened a few years ago and finally slowed Susan down.
She recalls, “Being a runner and athlete my whole life has made me stronger and given me a high tolerance for pain. But I reached a point when I couldn’t compensate for it. I dealt with it for about three years, and had to drop out of a marathon because one of my legs was completely numb, before I finally sought help.”
Susan turned to a spine specialist at HOI to repair her back and return her to the sports she loves.
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Patient: Joey Hobert
Procedure: Closed Reduction, Right Wrist:
February 2018
Scholar athlete Joey Hobert and his dad, former NFL quarterback Billy Joe Hobert, have both sustained more than their share of broken bones playing football. Billy Joe says he has had way too many injuries to list. Joey has had two broken collarbones and most recently a fractured wrist.
Joey, 16, was playing wide receiver when he jumped up to catch a pass, only to have the player covering him land on his wrist when they came down. The nearby urgent care center promptly sent Joey to HOI due to his injury severity.
“When I saw the X-ray I thought to myself, what
a train wreck. It looked like he was going to need a reduction and probably surgery,” recalls Billy Joe. “Being a dad rather than patient, I was more aware of what was going on around us. I was very confident and impressed by how pleasant and efficient everyone was in taking care of Joey.”
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