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HOI’s Medical Staff is comprised of 313 physician members committed to upholding the highest quality standards in delivering patient-centered care. The physician leadership team is dedicated to working with hospital leadership to foster a collaborative, positive and transparent relationship. They are fully engaged in quality programs and lend their expertise to improve quality by supporting important initiatives and implementing best practices. HOI’s reputation for clinical excellence has led to the recruitment and retention of top quality physicians and surgeons.
Please contact Julie Hanson, CPMSM, CPCS, director of Medical Staff Services, at 949-517-3461 for more information on applying for HOI Medical Staff membership and privileges.
Zachary B. Adler, MD Gerald J. Alexander, MD Raed M. Ali, MD
Arash Aminian, MD Robert A. Baird, MD William L. Bargar, MD Lawrence S. Barnett, MD Steven L. Barnett, MD Paul A. Beck, MD
Alan H. Beyer, MD
James T. Caillouette, MD Sunny C. Cheung, MD Ying Chi, MD
John F. Cook, MD Michael A. Coyer, DPM Daniel P. DeBottis, MD Jeffrey E. Deckey, MD Shaunak S. Desai, MD Paul T. Dinh, MD
Daniel P. Duggan, DO Herbert C. Eidt, MD Payam Farjoodi, MD Scott P. Fischer, MD Michael J. Fitzpatrick, MD
Scott K. Forman, MD Steven H. Gausewitz, MD David S. Gazzaniga, MD Andrew P. Gerken, MD Timothy W. Gibson, MD Robert S. Gorab, MD Michael L. Gordon, MD Bradley S. Greenbaum, MD Theodore Gregorius, MD Robert C. Grumet, MD Mark N. Halikis, MD
Duke Hasson, MD Keun-Heng S. Huo, MD Tze C. Ip, MD
Bryce A. Johnson, MD Nimish R. Kadakia, MD Steve Kang, MD
Jonathan R. Kaplan, MD Abraham D. Kim, MD Joseph S. Klemek, MD Gennady Kolodenker, DPM Warren G. Kramer, III, MD Ryan S. Labovitch, MD
Vu H. Le, MD
Richard S. Lee, MD
Corey M. Lieber, MD
Orr Limpisvasti, MD
Darius E. Lin, MD
Eric L. Lin, MD
Michael J. Marcus, DPM Gary S. McCarter, DPM William W. McNair, DPM Rojeh Melikian, MD Stephen A. Mikulak, MD Hamid R. Mir, MD
Robert L. Montgomery, MD Ram Mudiyam, MD
Nader A. Nassif, MD Andrew Nelson, DO Mark A. Newman, MD Samuel W. Park, MD Jay J. Patel, MD Jiun-Rong Peng, MD Todd W. Peters, MD Russell S. Petrie, MD Carlos A. Prietto, MD Miguel P. Prietto, MD Richard C. Raczka, MD
Grant W. Robicheaux, MD Nicholas E. Rose, MD Kasra Rowshan, MD Benjamin D. Rubin, MD Joshua Schwind, MD Travis Scudday, MD Michael F. Shepard, MD Grant D. Shifflett, MD Floyd G. Shon, MD
Dave R. Shukla, MD
David C. Smith, MD
Jeremy S. Smith, MD
Roger C. Sohn, MD
Dilip H. Tapadiya, MD Zachary Thielen, MD Alexander H. Tischler, MD Christopher J. Veneziano, MD Michael P. Weinstein, MD
Jon I. White, MD Kenneth J. Wilkens, MD Nicholas C. Yaru, MD Lincoln S. Yee, MD
Ari R. Youderian, MD
On Medical Staff as of December 2017. For a complete listing of HOI’s entire Medical Staff visit

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