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Patient: Greg Faust
Procedure: Bilateral, Anterior Approach Hip
Replacement: February, November 2016
On a routine check-up with his general practitioner, Greg Faust recalls mentioning that his right hip was bothering him. His doctor asked, “Has it stopped you from doing anything?”
He told his doctor how his right hip had begun throbbing after playing pick-up basketball. In weekend softball games, sprinting to bases caused pain and made just walking on Monday mornings a struggle. Distance training for a marathon wasn’t going well. On his annual mountain biking “mancation,” Greg made relief stops for a massage and stretching so he could get back on his bike and ride. After hearing this, Greg’s physician referred him to an orthopedic specialist for evaluation.
“I attributed my hip pain to getting old and not doing enough stretches,” says Greg, 52. “I had no idea I was going down the road to total hip replacement (THR).”
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Patient: Gaelyn Pautsch
Procedure: Simultaneous Bilateral Total Knee
Arthroplasty (SBTKA): October 2016
Gaelyn’s knees were equally painful. Because she was motivated to recover and otherwise healthy, Gaelyn’s orthopedic surgeon agreed she was
a candidate to have both knee replacements performed either at the same time, or in stages.
“It was my decision. I decided to bite the bullet and do it in a single surgery, and I’m glad I did,” says the athletic wife and mom of two daughters, ages 22 and 24.
Gaelyn’s goal was to get back to her active lifestyle of playing tennis, going to the gym, cycling, skiing and “everything else.” She adds, “I had been feeling so out of it, but not anymore. I’m doing all of those things again. This Thanksgiving, I plan to be back at Mammoth, skiing and hiking with my husband and girls.”
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