Page 66 - Hoag Orthopedic Institute 2018 Outcomes Report
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Sopida Andronaco Mylene Arce
Alan H. Beyer, MD Andrea Burgess
James T. Caillouette, MD Scott P. Fischer, MD Vance O. Gardner, MD David S. Gazzaniga, MD Robert S. Gorab, MD Robert C. Grumet, MD Sean Guerrero
C.C. Hafner
Klane Hales, MD Julie Hanson Margaret Harris Ryan Helber
Sheila Holliday Bianca Irizarry Natalie Lau
Kim Mikes
Jennifer Mitzner Nader A. Nassif, MD
Tim O’Brien
Karen Ollila
Carlene Parrish
Jay J. Patel, MD Russell S. Petrie, MD Susanne Porter Carlos A. Prietto, MD Philip Robinson, MD Andrea Rojas
Jorge Rojas Teresa Roth
Travis Scudday, MD Michael F. Shepard, MD Dave R. Shukla, MD Leighton J. Smith, MD Maureen Sparks
Patti Steger
Marisa Swain James H. Ting, MD Gabrielle White Eugene S. Yim, MD
Special thanks to all of the physicians who contributed case studies to this report.
The story of Hoag Orthopedic Institute could not have been written without the contributions of every member of the HOI family, every day. The recognition HOI has received for superior clinical outcomes, innovation and patient value was made possible through their shared achievements. This report reflects their hard work and dedication to bring the vision of the best orthopedic care to life.
We are also grateful to our patients who have taken the time to provide us with personal feedback and testimonials.

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