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Patient: Rita Grahovec
Procedure: Right Knee Arthroscopy and torn
meniscus repair, November 2016
Facility: Main Street Specialty Surgery Center (MSSSC), Orange, CA
Rita Grahovec of Yorba Linda signed up for martial arts classes to share something in common with her young son and build his con dence. She found she liked the full-body workouts, self-defense training, and growing circle of friends.
Now age 61, Rita is a 4th degree black belt taekwondo master. After more than 15 years of practice, she hopes to continue her training for the rest of her life. Even a serious knee injury couldn’t keep her from returning to the mats.
In August 2015 during taekwondo practice,
Rita stepped back and ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) after a routine kicking drill. Severe knee pain sent her to a local hospital emergency room, then to her  rst orthopedic consultation. Eventually Rita found relief through her HOI physician.
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Patient: Michael Wolitski
Procedure: Traumatic knee injury repairs,
February/July 2011
Facility: Main Street Specialty Surgery Center (MSSSC), Orange, CA
Michael Wolitski, 21, has played soccer since he was a 3-year-old and had high aspirations for his soccer career. Then, halfway through his freshman season at Servite High School, the center mid-  elder’s goals came crashing down.
On a throw-in to Michael, he maneuvered the ball toward the goalkeeper. His right foot was planted and his cleat gripped the turf when a defender came in and struck Michael’s right knee, turning it 90 degrees. He hit the ground, his knee painfully twisted from hyperextension, leaving Michael unable to move.
An ambulance arrived and took Michael to an area hospital emergency room where he was admitted, medicated to ease the pain, and his leg’s damage assessed. His dislocated kneecap was put back in place. He had also sustained four torn or severed ligaments and a fractured femur. Due to nerve damage, Michael had no feeling in his foot. Michael and his family quickly came to appreciate the HOI orthopedic team.
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