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Patient: Patti Markowitz Procedure: Left Wrist Fracture,
November 2013
Facility: Orthopedic Surgery Center of Orange County (OSCOC), Newport Beach, CA
On a sunny Southern California afternoon while playing mixed doubles tennis, Patti Markowitz, 66, backpedaled for an overhead lob, stumbled and came crashing down. She held out her left hand to break her fall, only to break her wrist.
“I remember looking down and seeing my wrist was shaped like an ‘S,’” says the Huntington Beach homemaker and community volunteer. Her husband, Mort, pulled up the car and whisked Patti off to the Hoag Hospital Newport Beach emergency room.
“They ER staff took care of me right away, and made sure I wasn’t hurting,” she recalls. “They took X-rays, bandaged my wrist, and suggested I consult with an HOI hand specialist.”
The next day, sporting a wrist that could no longer bend, Patti visited an HOI orthopedic surgeon skilled in the latest surgical techniques for hand and wrist fractures. The future of her left hand was now in his hands.
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Patient: Richard Rengel
Procedure: Bilateral Hip Replacement, June 2015 and February 2015; Left Knee Arthroscopy to Repair Meniscus and Cartilage, December 2015; Right Knee Replacement, September 2016
Facility: Orthopedic Surgery Center of
Orange County (OSCOC), Newport Beach, CA, and Hoag Orthopedic Institute, Irvine, CA
Rick Rengel, age 58, was having a great time speeding down a ski slope in Utah in 2013 when he hit a patch of ice and his skis  ew out from under him. He sustained a tibia (shinbone) fracture, and underwent surgery to repair it at another hospital. That’s when his health began an even more dangerous tumble.
Rick contracted methicillin-resistant staph aureus (MRSA), a serious bacterial staph infection that
can be treated but not cured. The infection spread and nearly cost him his leg two months later. When damaged MRSA-infected joints caused him to need other joint replacement procedures, Rick sought help from specialists at HOI. What most impressed Rick: OSCOC and HOI Hospital’s infection prevention practices.
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