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Patient: Lance Valt
Procedure: Right Shoulder Replacement,
April 2016
Facility: Hoag Orthopedic Institute, Irvine, CA
Lance Valt, 73, considers himself a bionic man who has a great deal of personal experience when it comes to orthopedic care. The Long Beach retiree has received a new hip, two knee replacements and a half shoulder at another hospital. Last year, his Los Angeles County orthopedic surgeon sent him to a renowned HOI orthopedic surgeon with special expertise in the shoulder.
His HOI shoulder replacement surgical experience was, he says, “beyond outstanding.” Lance continues, “I was able to get into the of ce
right away, and the doctor and his team were extremely nice and ef cient. I was impressed not only by his diagnostic and medical expertise,
but that this surgeon was a people person and problem solver – more than just a  ne surgeon. When we went over the X-rays and he told me
I needed surgery, I had every con dence that this was the right thing to do.”
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Patient: Danny Thompson Procedure: Right Knee Replacement,
December 2015
Facility: Hoag Orthopedic Institute, Irvine, CA
Racecar driver Danny Thompson, 67, set the national land speed record at 406.7 mph in August 2016. He is one of only 12 people in the world who has ever driven over 400 mph in a piston-powered car. Danny doesn’t let anything slow him down – including a bad knee he claims was worn out from too much fun and too many miles.
“Before surgery I was limping like an old man,” he says. “I had to stop running, snow skiing and waterskiing, and it was dif cult to work on my cars. My main concern was how dif cult it had become to get in and out of my streamliner racecar, the Challenger 2, which is 32 feet long and just 3 feet wide. It’s a tight  t and tricky getting into the roll cage.”
Danny underwent two unsuccessful arthroscopy procedures before someone recommended he consult with an HOI orthopedic surgeon. He recalls, “I told the doctor I wanted more throttle out of my knee. He turned out to be an awesome mechanic. What he did was magic.”
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