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Patient: Alan Burner
Procedure: Spinal Surgery, April 2016 Facility: Hoag Orthopedic Institute, Irvine, CA
At age 69, lifelong professional artist Professor Alan Burner is pursuing his passions for painting, sculpture and travel. He is having a ball as international director for the Art Institute of California, organizing art workshops for hundreds of visiting international students. Alan credits “a really nice repair job” for alleviating hip and back pain and restoring his active lifestyle.
Spinal scoliosis (curvature of the spine) had caused Alan lower back pain for years. Standing for more than 15 minutes was uncomfortable. Severe pain set in last fall. While scouting out a park location for a school event, he jumped down from 3-foot-tall wall, jarring his spine. Alan had
a complex, multi-level problem in his spine that caused several areas of compression on
his nerves.
His general practitioner was concerned about Alan’s debilitating symptoms and felt they needed to be addressed by experts at HOI.
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Patient: Richard Van Dyke
Procedure: Anterior Approach Hip Replacement,
August 2016
Facility: Hoag Orthopedic Institute, Irvine, CA
Executive Richard Van Dyke, who has enjoyed numerous 100-mile century rides with his
cycling club, could no longer bend over and
tie his own shoe. Hip osteoarthritis and related severe hip impingement plaguing the 61-year- old local business owner became progressively worse. Over a two-year period, what began as occasional, intermittent pain turned into a daily challenge. Consistent gym workouts three times a week were becoming more dif cult with limited range of motion. He found himself trying not to limp down the hallways at work and struggling to get out of a chair. His favorite pastimes of skiing, cycling and travel became too painful to enjoy.
Deep tissue massages helped a little, temporarily. After researching treatment options and talking with friends who had excellent results with implants, Richard went to see an HOI orthopedic surgeon who specialized in the anterior approach for hip replacement.
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