Page 19 - 2020 Annual Outcomes Report
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        Patient requiring elective orthopedic surgery
Comorbidities and Criteria
Since our reopening in May 2020, HOI hospital has identified a total of six asymptomatic patients with
 Low risk Moderate High risk
pre-admission positive COVID-19 testing results.
Surgical procedures were cancelled in advance of
Age <75 Diabetes, HbA1c BMI >40
admission and the patients were rescheduled after
––––––––––––––––– <7.5 ––––––––––––––––– BMI <39 ––––––––––––––––– Active smoker
being cleared of transmission risk and illness,
––––––––––––––––– Stable cardiac ––––––––––––––––– AfSoAll1o/w2 ing CDC gduiisdeaesleines. ThisScmaorkeinfguHl xcwle/arance
Patient COVID-19 PCR testing/results
––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– comp. pulmonary process has been quite successful in providing
Outpatient/LOS Mild reactive ––––––––––––––––– <23 hours airway disease Diabetes,
patients with a safe surgical environment for
––––––––––––––––– HbA1c >7.5 orthopedic careA.neAmniaIwR/B-appr–o––v–e––d––c––li–n–i–c––a–l–study is
transfusion Significant
being finalized that confirms the lack of post-
surgical transmission for COVID-19 related disease
Upper respiratory
from the orthopedic hospital enviirnofencmtionent during
the first 580 elective procedures performed
through July 2020.
In conjunction with the abovedicseliansiecwa/l SwCoRr>k2 plan, –––––––––––––––––
elective surgical patients who did not have
COVID-19 testing results available on the day of
surgery were administered a Fraebprilde/tCemOpV>1I0D0.-119 test –––––––––––––––––
prior to admission. Of all the elective surgery
patients, 4.38% (126 patients) received rapid
testing upon admission and each of these patients
had negative results to the rapidDtemsetn,teianabling their –––––––––––––––––
scheduled surgery to proceed.
of ECT
HOI Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) followed
patients that tested positive for COVID-19 prior to
similar guidelines and identified 20 asymptomatic
surgery. All were rescheduled, following the same safe clinical guidelines as outlined for elective
surgical care. COVID-19 COVID-19
Phase 1 Phase 2
Phase 3
Selection of approved surgical patients and procedures are also guided by regional, state and national guidelines.
(low risk) (moderate risk)
(high risk)
Diligently adhering to a risk stratified approach allowed HOI enterprise to reach pre COVID-19 procedural volume within six weeks of re-opening in a safe and responsible manner.
pulmonary disease
CHF exacerbation in the last 6 months ––––––––––––––––– Chronic kidney
Poorly controlled
Unstable cardiac
Unstable angina
Increased likelihood
CVA in the last
6 months
Physician Leadership Committee reviews/selects patient
  COVID-19 contact within two weeks or int’l travel?
No Yes
Flu-like symptoms and/or fever?
No Yes
  Patient cleared for surgery
 Delay surgery
Day of admission

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