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As active members of HOI Hospital’s Medical Staff, hospitalists ensure the highest level of care and safety by providing around-the-clock, post- operative patient management. In addition to immediately attending to medical emergencies, members of the hospitalist team are involved in many value-added activities, including leadership, process improvement and quality enhancement. Patients and their family members appreciate the hospitalists rounding on them daily to ensure a smooth post-operative course. Hospitalists are also available to address any questions or concerns about patients’ medical care.
There are 15 hospitalists dedicated to HOI in Irvine. They hail from the largest and most prestigious hospitalist group in Orange County, which maintains a very low physician turnover rate. Over the years, HOI’s hospitalist team has more than doubled as HOI’s volume has increased. In 2018 hospitalists saw approximately 84 percent of all patients at HOI.
Each physician on HOI’s hospitalist team is board- certified in internal medicine. HOI Hospital is unique in the cohesive, trusting relationship between the surgeons, hospitalists and nursing staff, nurtured through many years of working closely together.
HOI hospitalist team members
The surgeons and hospitalists partner to ensure the patient is safely discharged from the hospital. HOI’s hospitalist team also collaborates with our highest volume skilled nursing facilities for seamless transitions and optimized outcomes. Hospitalists round regularly at these facilities to ensure continuity of care, facilitating direct communication with the surgeon and timely discharge home and back to health.
Inpatient Hospitalist Consults at HOI
3,711 3,451 3,868 3,859
2015 2016 2017 2018
     1,639 1,805 2,138
2012 2013 2014
Source: HOI internal data
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