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Through a Performance Improvement (PI) project for 2018, HOI’s Registration Team has made procedural changes to ensure a positive patient experience that starts at check-in and sets the tone for the entire patient care encounter. As an example, HOI began bedside registration to improve the patient experience while streamlining patient flow and efficiency. Once the patient arrives at the hospital, a dedicated HOI staff member accompanies the patient to his or her bedside in the Surgical Preparation Unit (SPU). To minimize the patient’s anxiety on the day of surgery, the Registration Team calls the patient several days
HOI Registration Team members
prior to admission to gather information that
will make the process smoother. Collecting
this information prior to the surgery date also simplifies the day-of-surgery onboarding process.
The streamlined registration process as outlined above is the result of a Performance Improvement assessment indicating a less than optimized patient flow from the HOI Registration area to
the SPU. Patients now report feeling they are immediately in capable hands, and appreciate having someone guiding them every step of the way.

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