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If an obvious orthopedic injury occurs, the head athletic trainer will run onto the field with the head team physician and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gazzaniga to evaluate the player. As the medical team physician, I also approach
the player to evaluate whether any potential
head injury or non-orthopedic injury has been sustained. For major injury, when a player appears unconscious or has a high likelihood of non-orthopedic injury, I will join Dr. Gazzaniga and the head athletic trainer on the field to tend to the injured player. If a head injury has indeed occurred, our team assesses the player’s stability to come off the field. An airway physician is available on site and can be summoned in the case of the unconscious or apneic player. If
the player has a likely head injury but is stable
to walk off the field, the head athletic trainer and I will accompany the player to a sideline medical tent that is used to evaluate the player in relative privacy. The neurologic consultant on site will be summoned to join us in the assessment of the player. A sideline assessment is performed in the medical tent by the neurologic consultant and
myself. If there is concern for concussion, the player is then brought into the locker room under my supervision to perform more detailed testing. We then have a second medical physician
on site to be available on the field for urgent evaluations while we are assessing any players in the locker room.
After the game, our team sticks around the locker room for any players who may approach the medical team with issues that occurred during the game. We will check on those players who were injured during the game and ensure that they are comfortable with a treatment and follow-up plan, which usually involves checking in with them the following morning at our post-game clinic in the training room.
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