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James H. Ting, MD
Primary Care Sports Medicine
Talk about the medical coverage you and your colleagues provide for the Chargers.
As team physicians, we provide comprehensive orthopedic and general medical care for the players, coaches, staff, and their families during the season and offseason. In addition to our on-field responsibilities on game day, we attend training camp and team practices and are available to evaluate and treat players and staff at both the Chargers team facility as well as our own offices throughout the week. We travel with the team and provide any necessary care while we are on the road. Finally, we perform medical evaluations on all incoming prospective players for the team, and we also perform orthopedic and medical physical examinations at the annual NFL Combine.
Approximately what percentage of your time is spent managing non-orthopedic medical situations vs. orthopedic issues?
With the Chargers, we utilize a specialized model of care delivery for the team. As a primary care sports medicine physician, I have the ability to manage and treat a wide variety of conditions, but because we already have two highly skilled orthopedic surgical specialists, my focus as a member of the team medical staff is in treating general medical conditions. I do still provide
care for orthopedic issues by performing ultrasound-guided injections and procedures as recommended by our team orthopedic surgeons.
What is the most challenging part of your team physician role?
An integral part and challenge of being a team physician on any level is earning the trust of the players, communicating to them that their health is your No. 1 priority, and establishing your role as their health advocate. Keys to this process include establishing rapport with the team, forging new relationships, and implementing a coordinated care delivery system, each step of which has been critical during this, our first season as team physicians for the Chargers. We are fortunate to be able to work closely with such a top-notch athletic training staff, as they have helped to make our transition smooth and effortless. The entire Chargers organization has been exemplary in putting the health of the players first. Without the support we have received from them, along with that of Hoag and our own practice, we would not be able to do what we do.
Eugene S. Yim, MD
Primary Care Sports Medicine
Since your time as team physician for Stanford Football and the San Francisco 49ers, how has the medical team physician’s role evolved?
For high-level sports teams it has largely remained the same in the past decade. However, particular elements of the role have evolved, much as the field of sports medicine has evolved. The role of the medical physician in diagnosing and treating concussions has continued to grow, as the public eye and the scientific community have both gained increasing interest in the area.

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