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Thank you for allowing us to share the HOI 2020 Outcomes report with you. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we continue to weather the evolving COVID-19 storm. Looking back and reflecting on the accomplishments of the past 10 years, we recognize that our achievements were only possible due to the ongoing commitment to excellence demonstrated by each and every HOI staff member and physician. Since our founding, unfailing dedication and commitment to exceptional patient experience, high quality, and outstanding outcomes, is the basis for what we have accomplished.
HOI continues to build a world-class musculoskeletal program that provides unparalleled value to our patients. Our “We Get You Back to You” mantra embodies hope and healing for our patients, and you will hear that theme in our patient stories. Our incredibly skilled surgeons and highly specialized staff members have shaped our unique story, which we are pleased to share with you today.
The 2020 Outcomes Report highlights our commitment to transparency in our outcomes, sharing of patient success stories as they
get back to doing what they love, and our distinctions. Thank you for reading our story.
 Sopida T. Andronaco Mylene Arce
Tanya Barahona
Steven L. Barnett, MD Andrea Burgess
James T. Caillouette, MD Marie-Claire Fickenscher David S. Gazzaniga, MD Vanessa Glotzbach Robert S. Gorab, MD
Sean Guerrero
Ryan Helber
Bianca Irizarry
Jonathan R.M. Kaplan, MD Carlin Kuhlmann
Natalie S. Lau Young Lee
Kim Mikes Jennifer Mitzner Nader Nassif, MD
Jesica Neal
Carlene L. Parrish Carlos Prietto, MD Danielle Schulman Travis Scudday, MD Rob Stahler
Marisa Swain
Patti Steger
Special thanks to all the contributors for our 2020 Outcomes Report, listed above. Thank you also to all our patients who contributed data and experiences appearing in this report.
KIM MIKES, MBA, BSN, RN, CNOR Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer
Director, Performance Improvement and Clinical Outcomes

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