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BACK TO: GOLFING Patient: Kevin Budde Procedure: Spine Surgery
An avid golfer and runner, Kevin was excited to try out a new swing designed to increase the power of his drive. “The first round of golf using the new swing was my last because by the time I got to the 18th hole, my back was in pain, and it was difficult to walk,” said Kevin.
After a successful herniated disc surgery with one of HOI’s orthopedic spine surgeons, Kevin went through physical therapy at home and two months later is walking daily, including up and down stairs without assistance.
“My back is feeling better every day, and I do not have any pain,” Kevin said. At the urging of his HOI team, Kevin is taking his recovery slowly to give his back ample time to heal fully, but he can’t wait to get back to the golf course.
Read more about Kevin’s journey back to the green at stories/back-to-golfing/.
BACK TO: POWER WALKING Patient: Scot Lengel
Procedure: Total Shoulder Replacement
Scot Lengel is no stranger to orthopedic care due to his active lifestyle of running, hiking and competitive shooting. In 2019, Scot had a knee replacement revision surgery at HOI. Through it all, the 64-year old’s shoulder pain has always been present.
“I couldn’t remember a time when I could lift my arms above my shoulders,” Scot shared.
In January 2020, Scot underwent a left shoulder replacement at Hoag Orthopedic Institute. The surgery was involved due to the amount of arthritis in his shoulder but successful.
“I’ve had 30 years of bad movement in both shoulders, and now my left arm has such a great range of motion that I need to get my right shoulder done,” shared Scot. He has already returned to activities he loves, including power walking 4-5 miles in the Tustin foothills every day.
Learn more about Scot’s journey back to the trails at stories/back-to-power-walking/.

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