Page 57 - HOI Outcomes 2019
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Sopida T. Andronaco Mylene Arce
Alan H. Beyer, MD Andrea Burgess
James T. Caillouette, MD Robert D. Cho, MD Shaunak S. Desai, MD Paul T. Dinh, MD
David S. Gazzaniga, MD Vanessa Glotzbach Robert S. Gorab, MD
Sean A. Guerrero
Julie A. Hanson
Ryan Helber
Sheila K. Holliday
Bianca Irizarry
Jonathan R.M. Kaplan, MD Elizabeth Kovacs
Natalie S. Lau Kim Mikes Jennifer Mitzner Tim O’Brien
Carlene L. Parrish Russell S. Petrie, MD Susan Porter
Carlos A. Prietto, MD Maureen Sparks Patti Steger
Marisa Swain James H. Ting, MD Heather Vittori Gabrielle White Eugene S. Yim, MD
Special thanks to all of the 2018 Hoag Orthopedic Institute patients who contributed data and experiences appearing in this report. We are honored that you chose us to partner with you on your journey back to health.

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