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Rosalia Ocampo, 45, just came from her surgeon’s office. She’s wearing a new, purple wrist cast and a beautiful smile. Eleven days earlier she’d had a total wrist fusion, and her doctor is pleased with her progress. She’s not planning to have any further procedures. This was Rosalia’s sixth surgery in four years, by three HOI orthopedic specialists.
“I’m so thankful to be back to life – a new person! I’m not in pain. I’m stronger, happier, and have more energy. Before, my husband had to help me with everything – even showering. For seven years he walked me in my wheelchair. Now, we walk without it. I’d also like to start swimming – if I still remember how,” she says, laughing.
For nearly two decades, Rosalia has had debilitating pain due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. Prior to the last two surgeries on her right and subsequently her left wrist, her hands were permanently curled inward and weak. She says she couldn’t pick up a gallon jug of laundry detergent. She finally found help through the
Share Our Selves (SOS)-El Sol Wellness Center in Santa Ana. Her SOS primary doctor called in an HOI specialist.
Rosalia (shown with her husband, Marcial, and son, Marco) is thankful she could walk with her son at his Catholic confirmation. Her surgical interventions and musculoskeletal recovery came through a partnership between the SOS clinic and HOI.
Rosalia’s surgical odyssey began with left, then right total hip replacements (THA), six months apart. Next came two total knee replacements, eight months apart. She remembers arriving at HOI for her first procedure, the left THA.
“Before the surgery I was very nervous and crying. The anesthesiologist told me everything would be okay and calmed me down. After surgery when the therapist came to help me get out of bed I screamed ‘No!’ I was afraid I would fall. Everyone was very patient and kind to me.”
Rosalia has begun English Language Learning (ELL) classes at Orange Coast College, and plans to look for a job in accounting or tax preparation.
She shares, “Now, when friends see me for the first time in a while they say, ‘Wow!’ They’ve cried tears of joy for me, and sometimes I cry with them.”

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