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Through a multi-year partnership activated in 2017, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian and HOI have tackled providing the Los Angeles Chargers with comprehensive orthopedic and general medical care. The Chargers’ nationally recognized team physicians are fellowship trained and experienced in caring for professional athletes, and commit to being available to the team 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This partnership takes them to the NFL Scouting Combine in March, training camps, and the sidelines before kick-off at every home and away game. Along with caring for the players, they provide guidance to help coaches, administration, families and ownership navigate their health care needs.
Collaboration with the Chargers athletic trainers to keep the athletes healthy begins with preventive screenings, as well hydration and micronutrient health to optimize their performance.
Primary care sports medicine specialist Eugene S. Yim, MD, adds that diagnosing and treating concussions is vitally important, with medical team physicians more engaged than ever in this concern. He explains, “I’m pleased that the NFL has implemented significant changes over the past few years, such as helmet hit rules, improved designs for helmets, and standardized protocols for testing, evaluation and safe return to the field. These measures are absolutely essential to help my colleagues and I protect the athletes from the risk of head and spinal injury.”
Primary care sports medicine physician James H. Ting, MD, adds, “Being entrusted with the care of these amazing athletes is an incredible honor and privilege, and it comes with the responsibility that, in all aspects of the care that I provide, the players know their health is a priority above and beyond
simply their safe return to play, just as it is for the entire Chargers organization.”
         Orthopedic surgeon
Russell S. Petrie, MD,
cites hamstring and quadricep muscle strains and tears, ankle sprains, foot injuries such as “turf toe,” and meniscal and ligament injuries to the knees as the most commonly seen injuries. “When an injury occurs, a comprehensive medical team springs into action and works in tandem,” says Dr. Petrie. “From the athletic trainers to the physicians, X-ray technologies and EMTs, I’ve gained tremendous respect for the Chargers’ medical team members, each of whom has a key role to play in successful outcomes.”
Orthopedic surgeon David S. Gazzaniga, MD,
is amazed by players’ capacity to recover quickly and compete week after week. “I understand and admire their motivation, yet my first priority is always their health,” he says. “To have the privilege to call myself a member of the team and being one of the parts working for a common goal
is tremendously rewarding.”
                         Safety net on the sidelines – From left, Hoag Orthopedic sports fellow Andrew Nelson, DO, with Chargers team physicians Eugene Yim, MD, James Ting, MD, David Gazzaniga, MD, and Russell Petrie, MD.

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