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HAIs can be acquired anywhere health care is delivered and are among the leading causes of death in the United States. Approximately one in every 20 hospitalized patients experiences an HAI, and over one million HAIs occur across health care every year. To ensure every preventive measure is utilized to decrease the risk of infection, HOI has implemented these extraordinary measures:
• High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration installed in the operating room laminar flow system to reduce the airborne microbial load and minimize the risk of contamination to the sterile operative field. Air filtration efficiency has reached 99.97% filtration.
Patient falls are the most frequently reported sentinel event. HOI’s fall rate was consistently lower than the national average because of its strategic partnership with patients to reduce falls. HOI’s multidisciplinary Falls Prevention Team continuously analyzes every fall event to identify actions that might assist in achieving a hospital goal of zero falls.
HOI safety initiatives to prevent all falls
• All HOI patients are designated as potential fall risks; therefore, pre-op staff provides fall prevention guidelines to each patient and family.
• A patient/family education video on fall prevention is assigned for inpatients to review from the television in their room. The importance of the patient’s commitment to “call, don’t fall”
is emphasized.
• Voluntary nasal sanitation antiseptic provided to staff.
• UV disinfecting robot used throughout patient care areas.
• Validation of terminal cleaning process effectiveness with use of GLO Germ, an odorless substance that glows under UV light.
• Antibiotic stewardship and surgical use compliance.
• If a fall occurs, a cause analysis (“post-fall huddle”) is completed by the charge nurse at the time of the fall with the care team and then reviewed in detail by the Falls Prevention Team.
• The Performance Improvement Committee oversees falls data analyses and trend reports.
HOI Falls with Injury Rate Per 1,000 Patient Days
(Lower is better)
2016 2017 2018 National
  National benchmark in orange shows the current HSAG Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN) hospital performance in 2018 Q2, published January 2019.

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