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ACL Registry Established
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) ruptures or tears are a common injury, especially in the active or athletic population involved in sports with sudden, twisting motions of the knee. With the help of HOI’s current Sports Medicine fellow, Hoag Orthopedics has created an ACL Reconstruction Registry that will help further the surgical and clinical knowledge of the investigating surgeons. This ACL registry will supplant HOI’s scientific knowledge of and best practices in ACL reconstruction procedures, graft types, graft sizes, graft fixation, possible revision procedures, and any associated procedures; and help delineate patient specific factors.
Patients age 14 years or older undergoing arthroscopically aided ACL repair/augmentation or reconstruction will be included in the registry and followed prospectively. The registry consists of clinical and standard-of-care data collection and patient satisfaction questionnaires. Data
will be obtained from clinic charts, as well as routine standard of care pre-operative and post-operative clinic visits. Additional patient questionnaires including the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) pain score, Single Assessment Numerical Evaluation (SANE), KOOS and Marx Activity will be administered.
The recently IRB-approved ACL Registry has been an aspiration of the Sports Medicine faculty at Hoag Orthopedics for several years and is coming to fruition because of all of the time and effort they have poured into this project.
Simplify Disc® Cervical Investigational Clinical Trial
Hoag Orthopedics is one of 18 provider participants in the U.S., and one of only two
in California, to lead the way in cervical disc replacement by participating in The Simplify
Trial. This is a non-randomized investigational device study being conducted for the FDA and sponsored by Simplify Medical, Inc. It is designed for patients with cervical degenerative disc disease at two levels who are experiencing arm pain and/or neurological symptoms (such as weakness or numbness) with neck pain, and who have specific findings on imaging studies such as X-ray, CT or MRI. Patients treated with the Simplify Disc are followed for a period of at least two years (and potentially up to 10 years) during which time their outcomes are monitored and recorded.
Simplify Disc is a cervical artificial disc with non- metallic articulating components and it is designed to preserve motion. The Simplify Trial compares outcomes after surgery with Simplify Disc to outcomes after ACDF (cervical fusion) surgery.
    For more information please contact Hoag Orthopedics at 949-336-7925.
MRI of traditional metallic cervical artificial disc with artifact
MRI of Simplify Disc

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