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Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement Fellowship
 Program Chairman:
Robert S. Gorab, MD
Program Directors:
Jay J. Patel, MD Nader A. Nassif, MD
Steven L. Barnett, MD James T. Caillouette, MD Stephen A. Mikulak, MD
2017-18 Fellows:
Travis Scudday, MD Zachary Thielen, MD
Spine Surgery Fellowship
Fellows Travis Scudday, MD (left), and Zachary Thielen, MD. Not pictured: Andrew Nelson, DO, and Joshua Schwind, MD.
Sports Medicine Fellowship
Program Chairman:
Jeffrey E. Deckey, MD
Program Director:
Jeremy S. Smith, MD
Past Fellows
In addition to mobilizing fellowship- trained orthopedic surgeons around Southern California, HOI has trained fellows who have established practices in Colorado, Ohio, Kansas, New Jersey, and Virginia.
Vance O. Gardner, MD Richard S. Lee, MD Jon I. White, MD
2017-18 Fellow:
Joshua Schwind, MD
Program Chairman:
Carlos A. Prietto, MD
Program Director:
David S. Gazzaniga, MD
Assistant Program Director:
Robert C. Grumet, MD
Alan H. Beyer, MD Scott P. Fischer, MD Russell S. Petrie, MD Miguel P. Prietto, MD Benjamin D. Rubin, MD Michael F. Shepard, MD
2017-18 Fellow:
Andrew Nelson, DO
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