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 review conferences, all aspects of the patient’s medical and surgical condition are evaluated and managed by a dedicated health care team. The team discusses each case regularly to optimize every detail of the patient’s care.
HOI’s experience and volume of revision
joint replacement procedures has allowed its specialists to create evidence-based clinical pathways for management of these complex cases. As an example, HOI has standardized the way it manages prosthetic joint infections, with input from HOI’s multidisciplinary team. Research and quality teams reviewing outcomes data
validated that standardized algorithms improved results. This protocol ensures that patients are treated expediently when total joint infection is suspected, utilizing best practices in an effort to minimize the duration of disability and maximize the patient’s recovery.
See also: Patient Reported Outcomes, page 16.
Patients and health care providers can contact the Hoag Orthopedic Institute Complex Joint Revision Center by calling 855-999-4641.
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